Klímová IR Consulting is a full-service Investor Relations consultancy. We help companies raise their profile with investors via independent, experienced and best practice capital market communication.

Based in Prague, Klímová IR Consulting specializes in advising companies listed on stock exchanges in the CEE. Due to our specialized knowledge and long term experience in the capital markets in Central Europe, we offer our clients exposure to regional investor community and understanding of local regulatory environment. In addition, Klímová IR Consulting offers individualized and tailored IR consulting services in order to meet specific objectives of each client.

Why Klímová IR Consulting:

What makes Klímová IR Consulting a partner of a first choice for investor relations consulting in the CEE?

- It is our strong expertise and in-depth knowledge of investor relations agenda, regulatory reporting and specifics of the CEE capital markets on the back of our strong professional background.

- Also, we have excellent working relationship with majority of buy side investors, analysts covering CEE companies as well as with capital markets regulators and stock exchanges in the local markets.

- Our only focus on investor relations consulting means no conflict of interest; we are viewed as "friendly business partners" by all local banks and brokerage houses.

What can our clients expect from us?

- Our clients can expect professional execution and commitment throughout the mandate according to the highest market standards and ethics.