Klímová IR Consulting can provide varying degrees of support to clients. Whether it be just the bare minimum of training for in-house IR teams or a fully outsourced IR provision, we are flexible and will accommodate our clients needs as best we can.

Investor Relations Consulting:

Klímová IR Consulting advises companies how to build an investor relations support that at the very least meets all of the minimum legal requirements. In practice we will provide all of the best practice information and tools to create a cutting-edge IR facility. For publicly listed companies that want to improve their investor communication, we will help them to identify the bottlenecks/critical points in their current investor relations set-up and will design a program that will best suite their needs.

Investor Relations Training:

Klímová IR Consulting helps companies train their in-house team responsible the on-going job of delivering the company's investor relations.

Financial Communication:

Publicly traded companies have a legal duty to provide regular publications informing the market of your company's financial well-being as well as ad hoc reporting of any relevant fact concerning value of their shares. Klímová IR Consulting can support you in the preparation of the templates and the actual content all publications related to investor communication. These include, among others, the Annual and Semi-Annual Reports, Interim Management Statement and quarterly financial results announcement.

Management Roadshow:

Klímová IR Consulting guides clients through their Management Roadshow, helping management to give potential investors the best possible impression by getting them prepared for a discussion with investors in advance. Likewise, when the investment banks are planning their in-house investor meetings we can ensure that our clients are on their itinerary. As to the interim financial results release we provide our clients with a support they need to get them through the earnings calls safely, ensuring that management presentation is as  good as it can be and that the Q&A briefs cover all the areas which could be discussed.